This is a page for upcoming events, meetups, conferences, performances, competitions etc. that have anything to do with interactive fiction, games, storytelling, digital publishing… basically all the things we’re interested in.

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January 2014

29 January: USA, New York – Interactive Fiction NYC meetup

February 2014

2 February: UK, Oxford – Oxford and London Interactive Fiction Group
Inaugural session in Oxford

10 February: USA, Boston – People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction meetup

18 February: UK, London – Oxford and London Interactive Fiction Group
Inaugural session in London

21 February: UK, London – The Story 2014
£60 exc VAT. “The Story is a conference about all kinds of stories and ways to tell stories. The speakers come from a range of disciplines, including art, games, science, comedy, theatre, digital media and television. The brief for the speakers is simple – either tell a story, or talk about how you tell stories. Speakers talk from their own experience, about their own projects, and about the visceral pleasure of telling stories in whatever medium or genre they work in.”

March 2014

1 March: Deadline for authors to submit intents to enter The Spring Thing competition.

April 2014

4/5 April: Deadline for authors to submit entries to The Spring Thing, and games are published.

June 2014

9 June: USA, Pennsylvania – VuPop
“An Academic Conference Where YOU are the Hero: Interactive Fiction in Print and Online”


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