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QuestComp 2014

QuestComp is back, and Evan Williams is once again organising the competition.

For details – rules, dates, guidelines and the all-important theme, see the new QuestComp blog.

To get a feel for the competition, check out the games from last year’s QuestComp.

Any questions, please contact Evan at or post on the forum.


Quest 5.5 is now available

Quest 5.5 is now out of beta:

For details on what’s new in Quest 5.5, see the beta announcement blog post.

Changes since the beta:

  • Mauricio Díaz García updated the Spanish translation, and added a new editor translation – so the editor now is mostly displayed in Spanish when editing a Spanish game.
  • Pertex fixed a few bugs and did some more work on allowing the Editor to be translated.

Thanks once again to everybody who has contributed to this release: Pertex, Jay Nabonne, The Pixie, Guillaume Poulain, Katzy and Mauricio Díaz García, and also to Phillip Zolla for sponsoring the new drawing features in this release.