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Interactive Fiction News Roundup, August 2013

Here’s the first of what will probably be an irregular roundup of what’s happening in the world of interactive fiction and digital storytelling. Got something to share? Let us know! You can email or tweet @TextAdv.

Choosatron: This wi-fi interactive story printer is nearing the end of its Kickstarter – it’s already achieved way over its target amount, and you have until 30 August to pre-order one.

Seltani: Andrew Plotkin has unveiled Seltani, an online environment for creating multi-player works of multiple choice interactive fiction.

IFComp: The deadline is approaching for signing up on the IFComp website as an author – you have until 1 September. But don’t worry, you have until 28 September to actually submit your game. Looking at the current prize list, you could win $250 – or, if your game isn’t so good, you might be the unlucky recipient of a CD of the best of the Eurovision Song Contest.

A Very Serious Game: Allyson Whipple and Carly Kocurek are seeking funding on Indiegogo for an educational interactive fiction game called Choice: Texas, about access to abortion. They’ve currently raised over £2400 and funding will close on 18 September.

AdventureX: AdventureX will be held again this December in London – it was a great event last year and we’ll definitely be going this time too. Once again it will be free to attend, and they’re currently asking for donations to help fund the event – you can contribute by getting yourself a VIP card for £12.

Calendar: We’ve added an events calendar to the blog to help keep track of all the interesting things that are going on – let us know if we’ve missed anything!

That’s all for now, but before we go we should quickly mention our new email newsletter “The Text Adventurer” – nothing too frequent, just 3 or 4 times per year, covering all of this kind of stuff. We sent out the first issue a couple of months ago so we’ll be putting together the second one pretty soon – sign up now to be sure you get it.

More game listings, and an interactive fiction calendar

A couple of months ago, we started accepting more game listings on, opening the site up to allow all kinds of web-browser games, such as those created using Twine, Inform or Undum.

We’ve now opened up listings even more – with new links to off-site games, all of which can be played in a web-browser, and/or downloaded as an app.

So far we have added listings for Choice of Games, Tin Man Games and Failbetter Games, with more to come.

We’re adding listings manually at the moment, so if you have a link you’d like to add, email with a description, cover art and category. The only rules are that the game has to be a text-based story game of some description, and it needs to be easily playable – by which we don’t mean that the game itself should be easy, just that it should be playable directly within a web browser, or at least available from an App Store.


We’ve also added an events calendar. The idea is to list any events that are of general interest to the world of interactive fiction, digital storytelling, and anything related. This includes conferences, meetups, competitions, performances… basically, if we think it’s interesting, and it relates to the world of stories, interactivity and technology in some way, then that’s the kind of thing we want to add to the calendar.

So, take a look, and send us an email if you know of anything we should add.