Quest Games Online (Beta) – text adventures in your web browser

I am currently developing an extension of the Quest Games Archive that will let you play Quest games within your web browser – no additional software required.

To give this a go, please go to and just click on any game link to begin playing.

All you need is a browser that supports JavaScript and Flash.

So far I have tested this with Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.

Please post any comments to the forums, or drop me an email at

Note that as this is a beta, the facility may go down from time to time – but if you do notice any problems please let me know.

1 thought on “Quest Games Online (Beta) – text adventures in your web browser

  1. Chris

    I really think this is an awesome idea! I think you are coming up with something really special b embedding the games onto a web page. Now you just need to give people a way to share them on other web pages. I think this would be a real success.

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