Monthly Archives: February 2007 – the new Quest Games Archive

I have created a new website to replace the Quest Games Archive.

It’s here:

It’s more flexible and powerful than the old archive. As well as allowing you to post reviews again (something that was disabled a while ago on the old Quest Games Archive due to spam), you can now upload a game and it will be instantly available for download.

Logging in

If you ever submitted a game or posted a review to the old Quest Games Archive, you will already have an account on as everything has been transferred over.

In order to log in, click the “forgot your password?” link to receive an email allowing you to create the password for your account.

Once logged in, you can start posting reviews and comments, and you can upload games.

Uploading games

When you upload a game, it will be available immediately for download. Please note that at the moment, each game has to be manually set up for the “play online” feature, so you may have to wait a day or two for this feature to be available for your game.

Also note that I will of course check each game after it has been uploaded, and will remove anything inappropriate – e.g. anything that isn’t a Quest game.


Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or comments about the new website – please email me at

Quest Games Online (Beta) – text adventures in your web browser

I am currently developing an extension of the Quest Games Archive that will let you play Quest games within your web browser – no additional software required.

To give this a go, please go to and just click on any game link to begin playing.

All you need is a browser that supports JavaScript and Flash.

So far I have tested this with Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.

Please post any comments to the forums, or drop me an email at

Note that as this is a beta, the facility may go down from time to time – but if you do notice any problems please let me know.